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Originally Posted by AJClark View Post
Awww does it really anger you that much that Bisping could kill you with his little finger? Poor 'man', must be hard being that insecure knowing a coky ol' Brit with the 'power of a 12 year old quadriplegic with down syndrome and muscular dystrophy' is more successful than you will ever, ever be

Unless you're in love with him? Are you? Are you in love with him and trying proven school yard techniques to show him this unrequited love? If you meet him give him a dead leg, he'll tongue you there and then

On topic, however, yeah I think Bisping will call out Silva if he wins. I truly believe Bisping isn't scared of Silva, and will give him a fight... He'll get KO'd, lol, but it would be entertaining, it's sell a LOT, and I don't think Bisping would be scared so would give him a decent fight (for however long it lasted). Chael wasn't scared and that was entertaining. I'm pretty sure Okami was, and that turned out, meh.
LOL, anyways bisping must cut an epic promo, wwe style, to start hyping a major show down in UK. its going down baby.

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