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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Oh come on with that. She was in college, they were in college. They are all kids. Don't act like just because they were 18+ year old men and she was a 17 year old woman that she's a little girl and they were big mature adults. Lloyd was 20 at the time and a lot of the guys were around that age or younger...19..

But yes I never understood the whole running a train on someone...even though it happens a lot with young men and woman...apparently.

I don't think that quote means anything at all because she was drunk and it likely was something they told her to get her to feel comfortable...they clearly didn't take her back to an instructor's house...they just raped her.

I don't think Lloyd was condoning that at all.
My apologies, I didn't realise that they were all around the same age on the initial ****.

When I used "Said instructor", I wasn't implying that it is Lloyd I am talking about, you are right though, it's very possible they said that to make her feel more comfortable.

Lloyd may not have been condoning in this particular case but we know of one situation where He himself did not participate, but was around and actively "condoning" the activities.

It's probably a horrible coincidence as he was young and dumb, not headstrong enough to tell his drunk friends that what they were doing was wrong. Nothing else has come up aside from that so he's stayed pretty clean since then. I just have to place him under extra scrutiny based on his history..

Either way this is shocking for business. Karma for not stopping the **** in 89 I guess.

Lloyd's friend coming to his aid, who knew nothing about the 1989 incident did him a serious disservice by saying what he did. People were convicted, to call the victim a "dirty whore" or whatever he called her is downright disgusting. (assuming she didn't just exploit them cos she felt embarrassed)

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