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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post

Seriously, why does it matter? I gave up hope on this sport being treated like a proper sports organisation a while ago. At the end of the day, I enjoy every single card that they put out and I will watch it until they cease operations (or until I cease existence).

They make money doing this, they aren't going to change, you complainers all still watch the sport anyway. If you don't want to watch Chael V Bones or Diaz V GSP then you don't have to watch it, that might sound like an annoying thing to say, but until you boycott the product that you speak out against then they will not change.
That's exactly what a lot of people are doing though ... I refuse to buy the PPV for undeserved crap like this that ruins the sport, and will at the very most watch it at a bar which gives no extra money to the UFC for their crap decision.

I will also whine about it on every forum all I want, because in doing so I am convincing other people to do the same and make it unprofitable for the UFC to pull nonsense like this.

On the flip side, I WILL go out of my way to buy PPVs for exciting, well deserved fights, and good fighters I like who are getting a fair cut of the PPV.

As for the attitude that "I gave up hope and will pay and watch regardless of what they do", that is exactly the kind of attitude that ruined boxing. If you care about something, you have to vote with your wallet. I do not enjoy every single card they put out nowadays and frankly a flyweight / women's div / entry level UFC guys heavy card doesn't cut it. I can watch that level of stuff for free on any number of small orgs.

So I do agree with the OP, but yeah this ooold news, for a second I thought this was a zombie thread.

Originally Posted by BWoods View Post
Accept that this sport isn't run like a sport. It's run like a business and the most interesting fights sell the most.
There is literally nothing interesting about watching an overmatched middleweight predictably get his ass handed to him, when there are much more interesting and competitive fights to be had. Ok it's a little satisfying because this particular middleweight is annoying as hell, but still not enough to pay for it.
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