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Who do you want the UFC to sign?

I was thinking about this earlier. I wish the UFC would sign a few of my favourite fighters. Reasoning, is the amount of talent that have no makes good match ups for them, and I'd be able to watch their fights more often. So whats your list? You can include guys that have chose not to sign with the UFC too.

Jeff Monson - I have always been a HUGE fan of this guy, because he is a wizard grappler, who sadly has a small build for a HW and okay hands, and TDs that need to be more explosive. But either way I believe there are a few fights in the UFC that would be fun to watch. I've always wanted him Vs Mir. Though im not sure if Monson could get Mir down.

Shinya Aoki - This guy is hands down my favourite grappler of all time. I believe that if he could improve his TDs he would be difficult for some guys, though he would still clearly have to adjust things to fight bigger stronger wrestlers. His stand up is still nothing to be amazed over, but he has improved greatly over the years. I think if he could manage a cut he would be much better off.

Bibiano Fernandes - I believe that this man is the future BW champion of any Org he chooses to fight for. The man is a monster, who if he can improve his stand up will be a force.

Tatsuya Kawajiri - I believe this man is the top FW not in the UFC, you could argue Curran, but I belie that its the Crusher who claims this title. He is a strong grappler, with heavy hands.

Doo Ho Choi - This man is still very much in the prospect stages, but he is a great striker and I think there are some fun match ups in the UFC for him, plus it would test him a lot more than fighting on the JMMA circuit

Joachim Hansen - I've always been a fan of this guy, win, lose or draw he is always fun to watch. Though he would never be a champion in the UFC he adds some great match ups to the division.

Eric Kelly - This guy has a lot of potential to be a top 5 UFC FW if you ask me. I also think that him against Hioki would be an exciting fight.

Mamed Khalidov - This guy is just a monster.

Satoshi Ishii - I like the idea of a Japanese HW fighter, he's pretty good, still green though

Tim Sylvia - Love him or hate him it would be fun to have him back in the UFC. Plus who don't enjoy seeing Tim get beat? lol

Katsunori Kikuno - This man has always been exciting in my eyes.

Satoru Kitaoka - though he will never be a champion, I believe he is still a great grappler and there are some fun fights for him

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