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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Actually a correct double drives sideways after contact so that the guy cannot sprawl. Sonnen hits a lot of power doubles which are just driving through a guy but if your sprawl super well it can be stopped.

Also the couture Toney fight was a low ankle pick in no way did randy shoot in and get a outside single. He was basically laying on the floor when he took James down.

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The single that Randy shot in on Toney was very, very similar to the single I was taught for years when I was younger. Sometimes you go for the knee, sometimes you go for the ankle. We would exaggerate it much like Randy did when we shot in. Always had alteast 1 hand on the ground and 1 knee on the ground. This gif right here, is very similar to what I was reffering to. Accept Randy didn't circle as much as I thought.
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