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Originally Posted by Rush
I know Georges will win but Babalu definitely has no chance against Chuck. Its so predictable with Georges on a streak beating some real contenders. Who has Babalu beat? Travis Wiuff, Chael Sonnen, Mike Van Arsdale? Those are classified as cans.

Georges' on a streak beating real contenders? With all do respect to GSP he's a fantastic fighter but his wins are not any better than Babalu's. Travis Wiuff, Chael Sonnen, and Mike Van Arsdale are all tough, good, experienced, and legitimate fighters. A couple you may have forgotten: Trevor Prangley, Shogun Hua, and Jeremy Horn ALL ON THE SAME NIGHT!. And Georges? Well a controversial win over an out-of-shape BJ Penn, Frank Trigg, Jason Miller, not as impressive. Sean Sherk is about the only NOTABLE win comparable to Babalu's list. Don't get me wrong, GSP is great and I think he'll beat Matt, but to say that Babalu has no chance and is predictable to lose and hasn't beaten any real contenders is just nonsense and tells me you don't know what you're talking about. Plus you say it constantly and that's the only reason I'm discussing it cuz I'm sick of reading your false unresearched comments

Good job on that UFC era summary...I agree completely, except I liked the 30's more than any others. Remember the beat down Keith Hackney gave that fat mother****er Emmanuel Yarborough in UFC 3? I think that might have been the fight that turned me on to UFC fully, that was insane.

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