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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
I hate how people think that. Nothing against you personally obviously, you are great. But I can't stand how people take Dana's word as law and just assume what he is doing is the right thing. OK yeah he played a major part in getting the sport where it is today. That does not mean he has free rein to do whatever he sees fit. It drives me freaking nuts how people think every decision he makes is the right one. He makes the wrong call many, many times. His ego gets in the way far too often. He is a compulsive liar, he treats the fans like a heard of retarded sheep. He may have been the right man for the job to get the UFC to where it is, but I don't think he is the right man moving forward.

Oh, I don't think everything he does is right, far from it, in fact I think a lot of what he does is based on favouritism and his own personal whims. However, it's his company, and he has gotten it, and the sport to a point where if we as fans, or the fighters don't like it then tough, there are no other options on the same scale or quality of the UFC.

He has earned that right by putting his neck on the line to bring a sport like MMA to the mainstream and if I've got to put up with a few shit business decisions, or fighters undeserving of title shots got shots, then I can deal with that if it means I get to regularly see the sport we love.
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