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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Oh, I don't think everything he does is right, far from it, in fact I think a lot of what he does is based on favouritism and his own personal whims. However, it's his company, and he has gotten it, and the sport to a point where if we as fans, or the fighters don't like it then tough, there are no other options on the same scale or quality of the UFC.

He has earned that right by putting his neck on the line to bring a sport like MMA to the mainstream and if I've got to put up with a few shit business decisions, or fighters undeserving of title shots got shots, then I can deal with that if it means I get to regularly see the sport we love.
I hate his guts and think he is the scum of the Earth personally. I could say alot crueler things about the man but I'm afraid I'd get banned lol
Like I said I think he has done as much good as he is gonna do for this sport. But the man is a piece of shit in so many ways. He wants everyone to buy the shit he says but he is the most hypocritical person I have ever seen in my life and it drives me into a rage. Liar, scumbag, douche. 3 most fitting words when it comes to Dana White.
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