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Thing is about business, it's almost impossible to be crooked and keep a reputation. It catches up to you. It always does.

From what I can see Dana has been instrumental from the ground up. I think it's brash personality that turns people off. He's part promoter, business man, and really a fan at the end of the day. Coker is also up there. I've researched and dealt with these MMA promoters and yes quite a few are crooked simply because they're trying to make a buck. Everybody bends the rules from time to time, but from what I can see Dana is pretty straight up. Yah he has to back track sometimes, but he admits it.

From what the majority of the fighters say I think he's a good dude.

Remember Dennis Hallman getting his $60k pay even though he released em after missing weight. "Stupid business decision, but the right thing to do."

It was Dana who helped Rampage get through that entire ordeal I'm sure of. Funny how he forgets.

Hooking up Chuck Liddell with a VP job.

Something completely out of MMA. I remember seeing Dana White pay Snoop Dogg $10-$20k cash for the Lakers and Celtics game. In my books a man who settles his debts is for the most part a respectable and honourable person. Maybe he's a Lannister at least for the debt part...haha.

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