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Yes thie thread is serious. I need help gaining weight/muscle fast. And I don't fight anyone smaller than me. I just wont. I tell by people how they walk, move, and the first sentence they say and how they say it to notice where their weakspots are. And how I'm going to fight them whether it be bitch-slap them around and make a fool of them, toy with them and hit them a couple times and move around and repeat process. move around until they get tired, or hit them with 2-3 hits and Knock them out. I have a violent history though. I get SSI right now because of my violent history. 8 Felony batterys, and expelled from school when I went to school 4 times. I don't look for trouble, I dont talk shyt. I wait till they swing and thats it lol. I take it as a game because if you take it to serious then thats where you f**k up. I just needs someone help to gain some weight fast, not fat, muscle. What should I do?
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