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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I don't mind conspiracy theories. I actually like watching documentaries on aliens and ghosts and what not. I DESPISE conspiracy theories when it comes to events like 9/11 and children dying.

Yeah there's some weird stuff that won't always add up in peoples eyes. The problem with these conspiracy kooks is that it is all about THEM. They believe that they are part of some secret club or something who magically know the "truth" and everyone else are just sheep who are blind to reality. The fact is they are damn fools full of self righteousness and douchebaggery to the point of no return.

That being said, check this out for something creepy about Sandy Hook.



Trippy stuff. 9/11 and Sandy hook conspiracy theorist still make me want to punch a baby.
Ahhh another ATS junkie eh? Love that site. Here's the pic I saw for what its worth.


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