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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Ok well in all honesty, if you are serious about gaining muscle weight, you need to do 2 things:

- Lift weights.. A LOT. 3-4 times a week concentrating on certain muscle groups each time you train.
- Increase your daily calories so that your body has enough to build the muscles with. As an example, when i was bulking up I went from 170lb to 185lb in just over 3 months. My body fat % stayed under 12% (was at 8% at the start) but you arent going to get more muscle without putting on a little bit of fat. I was eating close to 4000 calories a day which included over 200g of protein.
I workout 5 times a week, bi's-chest ; tri's-back, and routine. cardio every time I workout also, I go until failure on everything, I take protien powder, 52G a shake, 2 shakes a day. I workout my legs a lot because they hold 70% of your testosterone. And your power in your punch comes mostly from your leg also. And I eat a lot of carbs and protein. Not white carbs though. I drink tons of water but I am really not gaining anything. Idk what I'm going wrong..
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