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Originally Posted by trimco View Post
I'm pretty sure this video has been debunked entirely.
Really? Please tell me how you debunk parents LAUGHING and SMIRKING a day after their child died, asking if the camera's ready, then suddenly hyperventilating and prepping into a badly acted "sad" speech, still without managing a single tear:

Not a single one of these parents sheds a single tear.. ever. Just launch straight into gun control

Not even the president can manage one

And how about this amazing "Chief medical examiner"

Really, pray tell, just how did you debunk all of this? No video footage of the kids only pics, badly photoshopped family photos, ridiculous meth-head looking laughing emotionless actors posing as parents and medical personnel, pedophile looking witnesses that keep kids in their homes for 30 mins before calling 911, contradicting stories about the rifle being used, parents asking for "charity" money before the bodies of their children are even cold (heck some even before the actual event! But at least they deleted and re-created those pages) and launching into detailed gun control agendas that their "kids talked about"...

1984 has truly arrived.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I watched the whole video and it definitely exposed the usual assortment of government and media lies, but the motive is sketchy and thus not really credible.

It is interesting though, so I agree with Rousey.
Why is the motive sketchy? Disarm the people, then do whatever the hell you want with them ... overtax, make them serfs/slaves, poor, scared, stupid whatever. That's how every dictatorship or monarchy in history has ever worked, which is most of history. This has been happening slowly since 9/11, the bailouts and so on, the osama scare and "kill" without ever seeing the body or any footage because uh... that'd be disrespectful to the terrorist.. what else is new.

The economy has been crashed by wall street cokeheads playing roulette, then they all get bailouts and raises for it, coincidentally the entire federal administration is full of nothing but Goldman Sachs employees, the constitution and civil liberties are being slowly stripped away (Warrantless taps, arrests and indefinite detention of US citizens in Guantanamo etc.), the media is turned into paid propaganda and all owned by the same wall street guys hiding behind private companies and yet the motive is not clear? Read history.

I now feel bad for deriding Rousey. She knows the shit storm this will cause, the usual allegations of monstrous insensitivity and being a conspiracy theory nutjob. Yet she put it out publicly. That takes courage, just gained herself an unlikely fan.

Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I don't mind conspiracy theories. I actually like watching documentaries on aliens and ghosts and what not. I DESPISE conspiracy theories when it comes to events like 9/11 and children dying.

Yeah there's some weird stuff that won't always add up in peoples eyes. The problem with these conspiracy kooks is that it is all about THEM. They believe that they are part of some secret club or something who magically know the "truth" and everyone else are just sheep who are blind to reality. The fact is they are damn fools full of self righteousness and douchebaggery to the point of no return.

That being said, check this out for something creepy about Sandy Hook.



Trippy stuff. 9/11 and Sandy hook conspiracy theorist still make me want to punch a baby.
How is it about THEM (the conspiracy theorists)? If anything, they receive nothing but ridicule and hate for their views, case in point your own post.

Why in the world would we want to make up all of this? Do you think we like the thought of being insensitive to parents who lost their kids? Do you think we like being laughed at? The last thing we want to do is hurt someone already hurt. Just LOOK AT the videos though! This was all on national TV! We didn't make it up.
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