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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Why do you say that? At what point did the guy praise himself or even talk about his own brilliance? The most he does is point out how it gets more and more ridiculous the more you look into it.
Come on brother. I'm sure you know what I mean. Do you really believe this dude put out the video because he felt a deep desire to help people see the truth? I dont buy it. The whole video has a vibe about it... "I'm going to educate you people". I cant sit here and point to every little detail, but my feelings about it are what they are. Hes over sensationalizing an already sensational story. The "facts" could have been delivered with less theatrics and patronization.

Ive seen and read so much regards hidden agenda and secret society. It's become a *massive* industry worth a *lot* of money. As such it's attracting more and more assholes.

Still, the actual material hes presenting is very interesting. He/she should have taken more of a back seat and let the facts speak for themselves.
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