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Jesus Christ. Disappointed that I used to consider myself a fan of Rampage. Sick of his constant bitching about the UFC. At least when Tito did it it was funny, because, well, everything Tito says is unintentionally funny. Maybe if Rampage actually did what he said he was going to do, and actually knock someone out he'd get a bit more respect, but he's not managed that since 2008, and he's kidding himself if he thinks the reason for that is because people aren't standing with him.

Machida wanted to stand with him, but as soon as Rampage realised he had zero chance of actually hitting Lyoto with one of his telegraphed hooks, he decided he'd try and wrestle his way to a win. Then, he stood with Hamill, who Gustafsson and Jones had no trouble putting away, but he looked awful in that fight. Then, Jones stood with him, and guess what, Jones ****ed him up standing too. Hell, even Keith Jardine stood with him, and if you're claiming to be a KO artist, and you can't knock Keith Jardine out, then you've got problems. Hopefully, Teixeira will smash him, and send him to the little leagues where he'll realise his mistake, realise he likes the UFC money he's making, continue to struggle to knock anyone out, fail to carve out a movie career and ultimately make a move into Professional Boxing, which he'll fail at too. I just pray Glover delivers!

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