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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
It is definitely possible to be laughing about something so soon after a tragedy. Everyone reacts differently. Some people let emotion out through different means other than grief. Losing someone you love is an emotional roller coaster. You go from happy to sad in an instant.
Not in a tragedy. In a normal death or funeral yes there is a time you want to move on, but have you ever been around someone who has lost their child? They are INCONSOLABLE. For days. Even in regular funerals when people try to move on and laugh, they are still suppressing tears, their eyes are still wet and they can barely force it. THIS GUY NEVER EVEN HAD A GLISTENING IN HIS EYE.

I don't want to be insensitive, I prayed for these poor kids and their families (and I know to many people on here prayer is yet another delusion or joke, but to me it's means something) when I first heard of this. I don't want to believe this either, but just look with your eyes.

Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
It This video is so full of BS I don't even know where to start. The maker of the video throws his own opinions in as if they are facts without telling you they are his opinions. For example, the guy who was laughing. The maker of the video says something to the extent of 'He doesn't know the camera's are recording yet.' How the freakin hell does the maker of the video know if this guy realizes the camera's are rolling or not? He doesn't. This type of thing goes on every couple seconds of the video.
He says it because it's IN THE CLIP. You can see the guy asking "Are we ready to start? K." and suddenly turn serious. You can read his lips/expressions and even hear it slightly. Watch again.

My father passed when I was 19. I remember being at his funeral, in front of his open casket, talking and laughing with family and friends. Just because I smiled and laughed for brief moments does NOT mean I wasn't grieving.
I'm sorry about your father, I've lost close family as well and i can understand the need to move on or be normal. But losing a child is different IMHO.

These videos make me sick. As if the families aren't grieving enough, now they can't even try to move on past the issue without hearing conspiracy theorist obsessed with self righteousness make a bad situation worse than it is. Now insert conspiracy theorist posts about how they actually care because they are trying to find the truth. All they try to do is make themselves feel important by being privy to some knowledge others aren't. It's beyond sad they crave this type of attention every time innocent people die.
Tell you what, since you claim different people react differently to such a horrible tragedy, at least give me ONE person that ACTUALLY CRIES. Just one with an actual tear. A parent, a witness, an examiner. ANYONE OUT OF THE DOZENS ON TV. Wouldn't you say that crying or being sad is a far more normal reaction than the "moments of happiness" you are talking about? Go ahead, give me one video, there are plenty of them on youtube.

And can you explain why these parents are launching charities for money a day after such a tragedy? What do they need money for?

Lastly, did you see that examiner? Cmon bro!
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