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Originally Posted by onerealwhiteboy View Post
I used to do street fights until 10th grade. got into MMA, I started learning Judo,Kenpo,Kemo-Sai,Kickboxing,Aikido, Muay Thai, And Jujitsu, And of course Street fighting. I am out of highschool now and Coach other people at a MMA facility. And I am looking to be better now. And Need to just gain more weight. lol
Originally Posted by onerealwhiteboy View Post
About a week ago I was asked by a top end trainer to join MMA.

I just turned 18. About 2 years ago I joined MMA fight club and training. I am co manager of the place now and I teach people now.
OK, I love helping people out but I just want to get these facts straight.

A week ago you got asked by a 'top end trainer' to join MMA. But also, 2 years ago you joined a MMA fight club, of which you are now co-manager? So you joined a MMA club, became manager, then re-joined MMA? The club you originally joined deemed you good enough in just 2 years for to become a manager and coach?? You coach other people yet you need advice? From randoms on a MMA board? This club you are at has a dude, JUST turned 18 as a manager and coach. OK.

I'm not too good with the grade system in the US so someone might have to help me out here, you said you started MMA at 16 and also in 10th grade. Is this the same thing? After you turned 16 you stared learning...Judo,Kenpo,Kemo-Sai,Kickboxing,Aikido, Muay Thai, And Jujitsu, And of course Street fighting! All in at once? As part of your MMA? Where were you taught street fighting? Thats quite alot of disciplines you have learned.

I have a headache.

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