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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Ok well in all honesty, if you are serious about gaining muscle weight, you need to do 2 things:

- Lift weights.. A LOT. 3-4 times a week concentrating on certain muscle groups each time you train.
- Increase your daily calories so that your body has enough to build the muscles with. As an example, when i was bulking up I went from 170lb to 185lb in just over 3 months. My body fat % stayed under 12% (was at 8% at the start) but you arent going to get more muscle without putting on a little bit of fat. I was eating close to 4000 calories a day which included over 200g of protein.
That's pretty impressive. It took me an entire year to gain 10lbs of lean pure muscle. What was your meal plan and what type of supplements did you take.

Originally Posted by onerealwhiteboy View Post
I workout 5 times a week, bi's-chest ; tri's-back, and routine. cardio every time I workout also, I go until failure on everything, I take protien powder, 52G a shake, 2 shakes a day. I workout my legs a lot because they hold 70% of your testosterone. And your power in your punch comes mostly from your leg also. And I eat a lot of carbs and protein. Not white carbs though. I drink tons of water but I am really not gaining anything. Idk what I'm going wrong..
You actually sound fairly knowledgeable for your age. Killz is right. Cardio is nullifying your weight gain, but as you know cutting that out will hurt your conditioning. Maybe focus on plyometrics. Anyways a conditioning coach told me that I wasn't gaining weight because after my workouts I would run on the treadmill and it was "desynthesizing my protein."

It's impossible to gain 20lbs of lean muscle in three weeks.
Three things.
1.) Dead lifts, squats or anything that requires all of your muscle groups vs isolation workouts.
2.) Food intake which is my problem. Too much work and stress. Can't eat five meals a day or even three.
3.) Sleep. Also my problem. Muscles need time to recuperate. If you really want to gain weight down a shake before you go to bed.

Oh and if you're a're banned son! Post some more in the other sections.

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