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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post

I would suggest look up videos and articles on independent media about these things I mentioned and go from there. Be discerning though and check facts yourselves from links, history etc., there can be lies in independent media or the internet just as there can be truth. And above all stay calm and respectful instead of getting angry, arrogant or ranting about it, because that just pins you as a looney. If you have doubts about some things, talk to people you love about them and show them the evidence ... they may think you're nuts at first, but a lot of times they'll come around when they see how blatant it can get.

The point is to keep alert and from being fooled by propaganda, because it probably won't stop here.
What are examples of independent media? I usually read papers from back home (Belgian, German, Dutch news sites) and even though they're not as media oriented as Fox news, they're not necessarily independent or agenda free either.
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