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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
Who, specifically, is this "they" you speak of? Like, the "NWO"? The Illumati?

Ask yourself: would Obama, a hand-wringing, bleeding-heart liberal father with young children, engineer and authorize the slaughter of a bunch of American kids on American soil, just to further his agenda of removing gun ownership rights from American citizens?

That's seriously plausible to you?

Have you seen and/or heard his wife? She obviously wears the pants in that family. She'd snatch his nutz out and use them for dice if she found out he was involved in something as fundamentally evil as that.

Is the president making hay on his anti-gun agenda over this horrific event? Absolutely.

Did he hatch/authorize a plan to murder a shitload of America citizens at an elementary school?

I just can't get there...

You mean the same president who has a known about "kill list." ?

The same president who assassinates people with drones?

The same president who signed into law the indefinite detention of citizens?

The same president who allows the NSA to continue to spy on the citizens and store all of their personal data?

The same president who allowed military grade assault rifles to be sold to drug cartels that kill tons of people?

The same president who has illegal taken military action against other countries that requires his impeachment and removal from office?

Yeah, hes a saint, would never do anything wrong.

Attero Dominatus.
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