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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
Who, specifically, is this "they" you speak of? Like, the "NWO"? The Illumati?

Ask yourself: would Obama, a hand-wringing, bleeding-heart liberal father with young children, engineer and authorize the slaughter of a bunch of American kids on American soil, just to further his agenda of removing gun ownership rights from American citizens?

That's seriously plausible to you?

Have you seen and/or heard his wife? She obviously wears the pants in that family. She'd snatch his nutz out and use them for dice if she found out he was involved in something as fundamentally evil as that.

Is the president making hay on his anti-gun agenda over this horrific event? Absolutely.

Did he hatch/authorize a plan to murder a shitload of America citizens at an elementary school?

I just can't get there...

Obama isn't engineering or co-ordinating any thing. It still amazes me that to this day people think that these "presidents" and "prime-ministers" are actually the ones running countries when the president before Obama - George Bush probably couldn't tie his own shoe laces, let alone run a bloody country. It still amazes me that in my own country, a lot of our people worship "our" German Royal Family, just absurd.

Obama is just a face, a mask, a puppet. The people really running the world and calling the shots stay in the shadows, out of sight, why would they reveal them selves? Most presidents that come to power are simply in that position because they are willing to follow any order and do any thing in order to further their own career-ladder climbing agenda. "Are you OK with staging a terrorist attack in order to start a war with another country and lying to the public"? "If it means I can be the president, sure, I'll do what ever you say Sir".

Obama is just another puppet following orders like the rest of them, with a screen in front of him where he can robotically read his words and speeches off to manipulate the minds of his citizens.

"CHANGE". On on and on he goes on about change yet he doesn't actually describe the content of the changes he's going to be making as a president.

No children were killed, that was my point. The entire thing was staged in an effort to aggressively change the gun laws in america which will ultimately lead to the enslavement of the people and true eradication of freedom.

Nothing is at it seems in this world, nothing.

Adolf Hitler: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”


To the people that refuse to believe our very own governments and military wouldn't dare use their powers AGAINST us, all you have to do is actually look back at real history and the facts. The few control the many, and that's all this entire world is about. Power, control, greed and corruption by the few that want to control the masses. And it's about god damn time we all woke up to this and truly started living freely, as our lives are meant to be lived.

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