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No I am not going to take the time to watch the video, but I will say that like the saying goes "sometimes truth is stranger than fiction". Not saying the conspiracy is right, but one thing that "the cabal" has been wanting is for the US to become a gunless society.

The reason for the 2nd amendment isn't for hunting (or really even self defense over the average man), but to prevent tyranny from the government. I do not find it coincidence that as our economy and state of the country literally goes up in the crapper the last thing the government needs is an armed populace.

IMO it doesn't matter if a rep or dem is in office, the larger the federal government the less transparent they are and less freedom we have. Patriot Act, NDAA and several other acts has eroded our civil liberties little by little. I don't trust the government and with black ops and intelligence agencies, any atrocities are possible. Look up Bay of Pigs and Operation Northwoods as examples. Waco TX and what happened to the black panthers in the 60's and 70's are other examples.

Again I am NOT saying Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, but I do admire Ronda for having the balls to put her career on the line for something she feels strongly about (truth or fiction) because not many would do the same.

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