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Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
FOX News and MSNBC have completely opposite agendas, yet they both have the same stance on the Sandy Hook story. Explain this discrepancy.
How do they have completely different agendas? You mean the whole liberal/conservative angle? You can't really believe there is any real difference between the two parties other than hot button subjects dealing with minor social issues?

The two party system is a joke and is really only used to divide the population into believing the other side is nuts, when in reality both liberals and conservatives have more in common than they have disagreements. It's a con game.

The media is no different. They play to certain demographics for ratings but on issues that push a more neferious agenda they are united. Bascially all broadcast media outlets are controlled and owned by 5 major corporations - Viacom, Aol/Timewarner, Disney, Clear channel, and News Corp

It's fairly easy for the board of directors to give out orders to the CEO's and editors to push an agenda or to edit out things that they deem "problematic". That doesn't mean ALL content is regulated or all agendas are united, but don't believe that any media that is for profit resembles anything close to independent journalism.

I know a lot of that is hard to swallow but if you take the time to research the subject matter, you'll be shocked at what happens behind the scenes.

Again I AM NOT SAYING the Sandy Hook shootings are a conspiracy because I have not researched it enough nor do I know enough to make a confident statement, but NOTHING shocks me when it comes to how far things will go for profit and power especially concerning the media and the government.

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