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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Not in a tragedy. In a normal death or funeral yes there is a time you want to move on, but have you ever been around someone who has lost their child? They are INCONSOLABLE. For days. Even in regular funerals when people try to move on and laugh, they are still suppressing tears, their eyes are still wet and they can barely force it. THIS GUY NEVER EVEN HAD A GLISTENING IN HIS EYE.
This is the kind of thing that cracks me up. THERE IS NO ONE REACTION TO HOW A PERSON HANDLES GRIEF. This is something I've learned from personal experience, and something I've seen first hand in law enforcement. I've told parents their kids were dead. I've seen reactions of parents, grandparents, and siblings. Everyone deals with their grief in their own way.

The mere fact that this guy is supposedly an actor for the CIA or something of that sort simply because he laughed, and then began crying THE SECOND HE STARTED TALKING ABOUT HIS DEAD CHILD is beyond stupid.

I don't want to be insensitive, I prayed for these poor kids and their families (and I know to many people on here prayer is yet another delusion or joke, but to me it's means something) when I first heard of this. I don't want to believe this either, but just look with your eyes.

He says it because it's IN THE CLIP. You can see the guy asking "Are we ready to start? K." and suddenly turn serious. You can read his lips/expressions and even hear it slightly. Watch again.
Re-read what I posted. He asked if they were ready to start the conference, not if they were filming. How the hell does the guy who made the video know if he realizes they are filming or not? Did it occur to anyone that perhaps he knew they were filming all along? Also, the guy who made the video calls his laughing "getting into character". Yet there is no one way to get into character. A lot of actors get into the mood of the character they are going to play long before they actually start. This guy did the opposite of that.

I'm sorry about your father, I've lost close family as well and i can understand the need to move on or be normal. But losing a child is different IMHO.
I appreciate it, but I'm not looking for consolation. This was a while ago now. I'm merely using it as an example. I bring it up because one of my friends later asked me how I could be laughing and joking with my dead fathers body literally right behind me.

My brother was the exact opposite. He was inconsolable, as was my mother. EVERYONE DEALS WITH GRIEF IN THEIR OWN WAY. There is no certain one way you must handle a bad situation. To say these guys are actors because they dealt with their tragedy in a way YOU don't approve of is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful towards their family and deceased loved ones.

Tell you what, since you claim different people react differently to such a horrible tragedy, at least give me ONE person that ACTUALLY CRIES. Just one with an actual tear. A parent, a witness, an examiner. ANYONE OUT OF THE DOZENS ON TV. Wouldn't you say that crying or being sad is a far more normal reaction than the "moments of happiness" you are talking about? Go ahead, give me one video, there are plenty of them on youtube.
So what are you trying to say? No one actually died? All parents, family, and siblings of all supposed dead kids are now actors?

So, now the local law enforcement who responded to this scene are in on it too right? The other teachers in the school who lost their friends? The school administrators? In the sheer amount of people it would take to pull off such a horrific conspiracy, wouldn't just one or two of those people come forward with guilt? I'm thinking yes. There is no theory.

I am not going to search dozens of videos on youtube. I just won't spend the insane amount of time over such an obvious bullshit theory. I used to go back and forth for hours with 9/11 theories. One thing I found is that even after proving them wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt, they still denied. Nothing can get through to these people.

And can you explain why these parents are launching charities for money a day after such a tragedy? What do they need money for?
Sure. They probably wanted help with funeral costs, obviously. I've seen families at each others throats over a deceased loved ones money an hour after it happens. The fact is, not everyone is going to live out this picture perfect idea of what "grieving" means... especially to conspiracy theorist (who will deny anything and everything). Maybe they were trying to get their minds off of it. I don't really know. At the end of the day, it was their kids who died. I'm not going to question their actions and bring more pain into their lives than is already there.

Lastly, did you see that examiner? Cmon bro!
No, I didn't make it that far.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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