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day 27

I had the day free, so I prepared for the gym properly.

I got into the gym fresh and recovered from the weekend and blasted away like a madman.

I got in at 4pm, got through the circuit for warming up.

I achieved a 20-18-16-14-12 cycle.

Did some footwork for the last 10-15 minutes of warmups.

Did the bare min for the pushups/crunches due to the fact I led the group.

We worked on a simple combo on pads.

I was in so much pain from the upper-body circuit that I was having a hard time holding the pads for my partner. His shots were hurting haha...

I can't remember what we did at the end for an exercise but it was in the ring.

During the transition between the 1st & 2nd session I did a pushup ladder of 20.

Went through the warmups with 2nd session.

and sparred at the end of the night.

I went with kenny again. I worked on the weave combo I found that worked on him in the 1st session of sparring.

For some reason it still was a powerful tool to utilize.

I had good feet, for half the 4-minute round. I strung a couple combos together.

Mid-way through the round I was dropped by a shot, I had no idea what got me. All I know was my arms went up vertical and my back hit the canvas. When I hit the canvas I sprung right up. Jeff did not have time to start a knockout count on me. He checked me over.

At the time I felt perfectly fine, so I went on.

At the tail end Kenny unloaded flurries up high and I was successful in defending them with my guard.

After the match was over I had asked jeff what kenny had dropped me with. He had said he landed a straight right hand straight to my mouth/chin dead on.

When i was talking with kenny he was saying he sat back and threw a counter right.

Even though I was dropped, one of the combos I landed on kenny was a weave right hook to the body, then I rose up with a left-hook to the head that started a flurry of hooks that were all connecting.

During the talks with kenny, he was saying he was rocked from the hooks.

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