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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
how do you know what my theories are? My mind is open to critical thought, true critical thought. From an empirical point of view one would not take your approach to deciding what is right. As far as Sandy Hook goes I have no idea, but I do know I am willing to listen to anyone's opinion and decide if it's worth looking further into. Your attitude does not lead to the pursuit of knowledge, it leads to arrogance and ignorance, have fun with that.

You are the master of placing labels on people to demonize them, you place people into categories that make it easy to tear them down. This is some dark practiced kind of methodology of dealing with people.
I call things for what they are. I hear bullshit enough at work all day and I'm pretty good at spotting it. Having an open mind for bullshit doesn't make you a critical thinker. It just means you're stupid enough to listen to bullshit without knowing when to stop.

Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Really? You've seen people who react to the death of their kids with a smug smirk, followed by "we ready to start? k" and a sudden fake looking transformation into a choking speech without a single tear? Have you ever actually seen someone SMIRKING right before giving a funeral speech and then suddenly deliberately trying to be somber and sad again for the audience when they go on stage?

I haven't.

Why does he have change right before the speech? If you're coping, then keep coping, why suddenly try to change when the cameras are ready?

He DIDN'T CRY. That's the point. Not when he started talking about his dead child, not when he continually plugs his charity for funeral expenses, and not when he talks about gun control. Not once. He hyperventilates, makes a choky voice, but that's it. That's how far any of them go.

And you're the one with the condescending tone here, continually calling me and my viewpoint "beyond stupid" without even looking at the videos. Weren't you complaining about smugness and arrogance from conspiracy theorists just a few posts ago?

Watch the Columbine video Oordeel posted. How many distraught and shocked people do you see crying? How many of those witnesses and students do you see smirking or laughing? How many medical examiners do you see laughing? In the 9/11 videos? Keep in mind those were actual tragedies, whether or not 9/11 was a false flag done by govt collusion, it was still real and the deaths were real.

This was an outright hoax, because frankly it seems they couldn't find or wait for anyone sick enough to actually do something like this to push their agenda, so they did the next best thing. Pretend. It works just as well apparently.

Exactly, you may have been among the stoic souls who try to move on sooner, but there are always some who will react the usual way, with tears and grief. WHY ISN'T THERE EVEN A SINGLE ONE HERE? Even one?

Yes, no one actually died. No, the supposed dead kids are not actors, their parents / guardians / childen's home caretakers probably are and they put them up to it. They were fed lines. That's why there's so few, and none actually on the scene. I don't know who they are or where they are now, maybe they're kids of CIA or govt. ops guys, who knows. Maybe you find it hard to believe the American govt. using kids for propaganda, but Hitler and Stalin did it all the time.

Not if the entire town is a govt. creation like Roswell. And there are some questions about the chief as well:

They would say the same for you. If you won't even examine their claims and are ready to reject them before they even start, then you're the one who's not letting anything get through to you. On the contrary I'm taking everything you're saying and discussing it point by point.

Really? A middle class well to do family needs an entire public charity for funeral expenses nowadays? REALLY? How much do these things run nowadays and why isn't every middle class family starting a charity for every person they ever lose? Are funerals for tragedies 100x more expensive or is the rest of America rolling in riches compared to Newtown?

Even if they don't have enough money for a small ceremony themselves which is highly unlikely, you don't think neighbors, friends and THE PRESIDENT chipping in is enough?

This isn't like Hurricane Katrina or Sandy, I just don't see where the money goes.

You don't have to, it's a nice short one for you I got right here that cuts to the chase. PLEASE, if you want to discuss further with me watch this. It's ridiculous.

Can you please tell me why the Chief Medical Examiner sounds like a Schizophrenic? Why he doesn't know the caliber of the bullets, the clothes the kids were wearing (duuuhhhh .. kid's stuff), the number of boys and girls, the gun used etc. Why he is laughing and doesn't even seem to care. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL HE WAS "EXAMINING" FOR FOUR HOURS WHEN HE DOESN'T SEEM TO KNOW A DAMN THING?
Okay, and with the bolded part I'm done. This is not worth a second more of my time.

For the record I like you as a poster when it comes to MMA.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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