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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I call things for what they are. I hear bullshit enough at work all day and I'm pretty good at spotting it. Having an open mind for bullshit doesn't make you a critical thinker. It just means you're stupid enough to listen to bullshit without knowing when to stop.

Okay, and with the bolded part I'm done. This is not worth a second more of my time.

For the record I like you as a poster when it comes to MMA.
As I expected. Good day, and yes I like many of your MMA related posts as well.

As far as fake towns go, that is me thinking out loud. It's possible the whole town is a CIA employee settlement, or if that's too ridiculous maybe they got a handful of people in on it. The 10 officers and handful of teachers.

But you're right, how can something like this be kept a secret? You'd think people would talk.

Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
And IF the government would fake such a thing, why would they make it such an amateurish effort as some people claim? Does the government doing these things want to be caught? And why?

Because that's what they have to work with. When you're looking to hire dudes to spend their lives as fakes and lie to the entire world on such a thing, it's not like Brad Pitt is gonna put his resume in.

And besides, it doesn't matter. Anyone who questions would easily be ostracised and demonised, clearly, when you have an entire media at your disposal. How insensitive are you?? You MONSTERS!

There's also philosophical things about free will, but that is more my personal line of thought. They find it easier to justify this sort of thing when they can say "They deserved it, how dumb can they get to believe this stuff?". For example you can read about how a lot of email scammers, when they get angry and come out of character, say that is how they justify scamming people to themselves .. how they think you deserve it if you are foolish enough to fall for it. But this part is just speculation on my personal line of thought.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
This sort of thing has happened quite a few times before without gun legislation being a result of it.

If there's no legislation as a result of this the motive is sketchy.

Making some conspiracy that's it is a part of some long winded series of plans to destroy the second amendment isn't credible.
You were saying?

"Obama bypasses Congress on gun control laws"

Wait and watch bro.

And no, this sort has never happened with innocent elementary kids before, that's what sets it apart. Besides, the time was not right to push the legislation earlier, now a lot of other things have slowly been pushed into place (Patriot Act, public fearmongering since 9/11 etc.)
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