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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post

That, along with the Illumanati is just the epitome of a worthless conspiracy theory and it instantly drags down the credibility of this hoax when it's mentioned.

Oh and Soakked stop mentioning the two party system as liberal and conservative, there is no such thing in America.

It's the GOP and the Dems, aka the Ultra Conservative Fascist Party and the Slightly less Conservative, slightly less Fascist Party.
Whatever, maybe the whole secret society thing is a red herring maybe not. Maybe it's coincidence that so many past presidents have been skull and bones society members, so many people in power are freemasons of higher order etc.

Gun control was unconstitutionally rammed through right this morning, so there's your "sketchy motive". And more will be coming.

Believe what you will, I believe I've put my point of view across ... gonna go back to seeing what's new in the MMA world today.
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