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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Is it a coincidence that elite Ivy League college grads have become president.

No not really.

Also freemasonry hasn't been notable in a century and I have no idea why people keep talking about this bullshit along with the Illuminati which is apparently a devil worshipping secret group that invites rappers into their ranks of the mos powerful people in the country...yeah.

Also you should stop reading websites that have intentionally misleading headlines. Obama did not bypass Congress for those gun control even says so in the article..after blatantly lying.
Obama did bypass them to an extent. He is introducing executive measures to make assault weapons control easier for the time being, in addition to tabling full gun controls before congress. Things that technically should be a part of the bill itself and not jumping the gun. And wait for more.

Anyway that website has nothing in particular to do with my views, I just googled the first thing to come up about Obama's steps and put the article up, whatever the point is it's coming.
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