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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I really don't want to open up a can of worms more than what has already been open. But I'll bite...

There were a lot of witnesses who saw the plane, and there was debris located.
Are you not even slightly suspicious? I mean, how many cctv cameras do you think there are located around the pentagon? I would guess probably more then any other single building on the planet, right? So, where is the footage? There is a single collection of about 5 frames or so. Awful quality. What about the other 2000 cameras located locally? They could put this whole thing to bed by showing us proper footage, but they haven't. What possible reason could they have for hiding any footage of the event?

Conspiracy or not, the government are not doing what they should to clarify anything. This is always going to create mistrust. It also creates a huge gaping hole that gets filled with mis-information. It's this bombardment of different theories which is fundamental to hiding the truth in plain sight.

In the UK, everything is geared towards deflecting attention away from the Royal family. Governments are in place to make policy and therefore they get blamed for wrong doing. The whole country has this general attitude that the Queen and her mob are harmless. Sweet little old lady. Its not her fault the country is a mess... but its a load of fecking bollocks. The army has the "HM" prefix for a reason. The bitch owns 6,600,000,000 acres of the whole planet. Thats over 12 times more then the next twat.

The democratically elected governments simply exist to bite the bullet for the real policy makers. That's the beauty of democracy. If one party fecks everything up then the people get to vote them out and replace them for another party. Makes the peopple feel empowered and less likely to riot. But what's really happening is the real power brokers simply get away with their shit with no accountability.

So, for example, say the pentagon plane crash was proven to be a set up? Who will take the blame? Whoever was elected at the time is who. It will never filter down to the real c*unts... like the queen of fecking England and her inbred mob of cold hearted wankers.
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