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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
When I was about 14 and these theories first came out, I was a bit skeptical. The more I thought about it and actually researched this thing on my own, the more I realized none of the theories made any sense at all. I found the deception to be coming from the 9/11 deniers 99% of the time. I found photo shopped pictures and straight lies they created themselves to try and help prove their case. Yet 9/11 deniers simply look past their own lies and point fingers at the government, calling THEM the liars. It's hilariously ironic from a person with a true open mind.

It's easy to show some grainy photos with some spooky music and tell someone to "interpret" things for themselves. Like this:

Is it a little odd there is no clear footage of the plane? Sure. I've seen odder things happen.

What I refuse to believe is that air traffic controllers were "in on it" too. They just let their fellow co-workers and friends go onto die somewhere and faked the records of a freakin plane flying into the pentagon. Also, why a missile? Why not just crash the damn plane into the pentagon in the first place? Then what happened after the missile? They had crews on standby with thousands of pounds of airline parts as well as charred bodies they snuck into the fire real quick before anyone got there? Come on people. Use your heads.

Im not trying to claim any facts. I dont know about air traffic controllers or missiles or bodies. I've also accepted that there is a lot of misinformation.

But simply put, to suggest there is no footage of a large plane hitting the military hub of the most powerful nation on earth is not just "odd"... its a massive stretch. The footage exists, of that I have no doubt. Why will they not show it to us and put and end to this nonsense?
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