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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I will admit it is odd. It is not a massive stretch. The government in itself doesn't give a shit about these theories because they understand how ridiculous they are. They don't want to give it the time of day, because even the clearest video in the world will not stop the 9/11 deniers. They'll just claim there's irrefutable proof that the video was CG, green screen, or doctored. That is how these people think. The last 12 years has been crystal clear proof of that.

But okay, I'll bite. First prove the video exists. This was 2001. Camera's were not nearly as prevalent in 2001 as they are now. I was a sophomore in high school, and carried a pager at that time. Most security camera's were like the pentagons which captures frames at a time only upon movement in order to save on file space. The pentagon already released the video of the exact spot the plane hit. Of course that wasn't good enough though.
I never said anything about missiles. And you dont think they owe it to the American people to show them how their centre of defence was brutally attacked by lunatics?

You say "they dont give a shit about it". How can you say that?! Somebody flew a fecking plane into the pentagon and you dont consider it important to show people what happened? Since when is evidence not required anymore? Is that enough for you; their word for it?

To say video was not prevalent in 2001? Come on now brother. I know you are an intelligent guy. this is the PENTAGON we are talking about, not some arbitrary building. They've have thousands of cameras around that building for at least 30 years.

Im not asking you to agree with anything. But please, dont dismiss this as odd. Why are you so willing to follow the line with no proper evidence. The kind of evidence that would hold up in court. The kind of evidence you and I both know exists. Give me one good reason why they would not show the american people footage of one of the worst atrocities in their modern history? I really don't know the answer.
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