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Liddell, I was reading through your posts and your argument was quite convincing until I watched the medical examiners video that you were mentioning. I don't see anything wrong with that video in the slightest, apart from whatever cowboy did the little bit of rewinding and slowing down when the guy did a nervous laugh and then the really ignorant question about 'why are the perps being checked last' or whatever it was. Obviously because they are the least important of the people that died that day. Obviously!!! Jesus lol.

To take a video of a doctor who is thrust in front of national media after probably the most harrowing day of his life and twist it up because he had a nervous laugh for a split second is kind of shambolic. I wouldn't be lining up my arguments around rubbish like that.
Personally as I said before I believe the US government is capable of absolutely anything. Just watch Oliver Stones Untold History of America. But in a case like this with such an extreme level of grief even in the public domain, unless you have something conclusive it is pretty low to be claiming conspiracy on the back of videos like that of the medical guy
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