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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Anderson dodges punches, but from ridiculously slow strikers. I could also dodge a punch were it thrown with all of my grandmother's speed.

A punch from a real man, however, puts Anderson on his arse. Just ask Chael P. Sonnen.
What? This guy...

Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
I get it a lot more than you may think.

Name me one thing GSP has done that is comparable to:-

Getting beaten for 22 minutes straight before submitting the dude administering said beating?

Knocking out a hardcore striker with a front kick to the face?

What he did to Forrest?

What he did to Bonnar?

What he did to Okami?

The deconstruction of Rich Franklin?

Taking a solid round of Hendo grind before humiliating the twat?

If you can see the difference between what GSP does and the above, then no... you really are not getting it. The best thing GSP ever did was turn around that first BJ fight. Since then hes been methodical and very efficient... but not Jedi.
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