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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Attractive people have a distinct advantage in life. This is especially true in the context of MMA where promotion is half the game. We all know this.

Having said that, Ronda Rousey is slightly above average at best. You could take any women that's in shape and not butt ugly, strip her down to next to nothing, give her a nice tan and have her hair blow in the wind and men everywhere would want to f*** her. The whole thing reminds me of this Daniel Tosh joke:

IMO, this Daniel Tosh sucks and he lost his cause completely when he said Maria Sharapova isn't hot. C'mon, man, Maria Sharapova isn't hot? That was quite a stretch on trying to sell his joke.

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I'll tell you one thing GSP hasn't done. Get beaten for 22 minutes straight.

Tell me something:
Which one of this fighters is the one who got beaten for 22 minutes straight. I am a little confused.

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