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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Except in the third round, where Sonnen actually turned it up a notch and embarrassed Mike on the ground. I also don't call that wrestling. I call it take down defence, which Bisping is good at, I admit.

Anthony Johnson is a much bigger, better wrestler than Michael Bisping. And we all saw how that ended. People are counting way too much on Mike's wrestling capabilities, which are beginner level.

When Sonnen outwrestled and finished Stann, it was 'my grandmother could take Stann down'. When Bisping does it, and barely squeaks out a decision victory, it's a whole different ballgame and now he's ready to defeat the likes of Vitor Belfort and clash with Anderson Silva. Total nonsense.
Didn't Anthony Johnson take Belfort down like 3 times? Bullshit stand-ups otherwise Johnson might have lasted the round instead of being choked out in the first. Not saying Johnson would have won though since his cardio was failing him ( Not his wrestling ).

Anyway, I don't get why people talk about Belfort being such an elite striker. Really, he isn't that technical. Speed and power, yeah he has them. But does that make him an elite striker? No. His flurries are just left right left rights while charging forward like a bull. Bisping can easily avoid these flurries by clinching up when Belfort gets close or just backpedaling and sidestep to get off the line of attack. Now I have no idea whether Bisping manages to do that, but he should be able to.

I hope Bisping triumphs and puts the idea of Belfort being an "elite" striker/boxer to rest. Bisping has some questionable striking defense though so I'm quite worried.

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