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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I think it's hilarious these same people actually accuse the government of committing massive amount of lies and deceptions without proof, but then ignore it when people with their own shared beliefs commit lies and deceptions. I guess it's just government agents posing so it doesn't count
Great comparison ... the government, a public known body with KNOWN representatives tells shady stories, and we raise suspicions ... because this is the OFFICIAL VERSION and it doesn't fit, so of course we suspect the government.

To you this is the same as JOE RANDOM on the internet claiming to be a truther, without any proof of his credentials and motives whatsoever, and this discredits the entire movement? And we are "paranoid" to question this ridiculous dismissal of all proof on your part based on some random BS some random guy said? This is comparable to the PRESIDENT who we all know well saying something?

And you say I am the irrational one?

Tell you what, I never revealed who I am did I? George W Bush actually, pleased to meet you. Yes, I sanctioned 9/11, it was all a good laugh, so you can stop arguing now. You're doubting me you say? WHAT ARE YOU PARANOID?

Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
Several small inconsistencies on the official story, and it's proof of a cover up. Massive obvious inconsistencies on the 9/11 deniers parts, and just pretend like it never happened. Great logic...

Yes. Because 9/11 deniers do nothing but point out small coincidences or odd looking things and consider it proof of some massive conspiracy which resulted in the deaths of 3000 innocent people. In the big picture, this conspiracy makes no sense and doesn't have a shred of evidence to back it.
Small inconsistencies? The ENTIRE AFGHAN WAR was based on a "confession" tape of a random arab-ish guy that looks NOTHING LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN (Exhibit E):

An extremely grainy tape (unlike his very clear normal tapes) not released or broadcast on the usual arab stations as he normally did, but miraculously "found" in some random bunker by troops. And taken off the air in the US within days and never shown again, when people questioned it.

And this is a small inconsistency? An entire "war on terror" based on the most flimsy piece of doctored evidence in history?

Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
Why argue about no video of a plane when all the evidence and witnesses prove there was actually a plane? Then you think about what using a missile would have accomplished or why they would have done that instead of just using another plane. A missile make no sense. So how about you justify why a missile was better, how all those plane parts and charred bodies got there, how all those people were mistaken when they saw the plane, and then discuss how the lack of video evidence supports the use of a missile. It would make a MUCH stronger case rather than just "There's no video." That is such a narrow minded view it's not worth discussing in itself. I don't understand how you can't grasp that.
Why argue indeed? The pentagon sidestory is almost inconsequential in the big picture. Who cares, because the big picture in 9/11 is that is how do we know it was "Al Qaeda" and Osama that did this, launching a trillion dollar war?

I'm not arguing whether Osama was a terrorist or that there isn't real terrorism in the world and the middle east, but there is no proof that something this large was his doing when he NEVER REALLY CLAIMED CREDIT FOR IT.

Heck, why don't you explain why his "body" was NEVER SHOWN when he was "killed" (p.s. I believe he died long before in Tora Bora, but that wouldn't have helped fuel the war now would it?). Dumped into the ocean without showing a single person, how very convenient. Showing respect to the terrorist? Why not show the same respect to Saddam then?

Another "small inconsistency" to you I'm sure. Just ignore it and pick some random red herring in my argument and attack that as usual, much better.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Why are you so willing to follow the line with no proper evidence.
Why indeed? Very disconcerting, considering his background in law enforcement as I remember him discussing at some point in the past? Correct me if I'm wrong PheelGood. Maybe it's the training, the whole "us vs them", don't question orders thing, dunno. Maybe he's just that convinced. Whatever.

Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
Ok 9/11 is definitely another discussion entirely. IMO it was without a doubt a false flag operation. By whom, and how many conspirators were involved (which alphabet agencies) I do not know, but the official story is total crap.

Rather than discuss the pentagon, you guys should talk about WTC building 7. Myself, personally I am tired of having that conversation because usually there is no discussion in it, only extremes on both sides debating their eyeballs out.
Exactly, the bigger questions are more relevant here.

Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
Liddell, I was reading through your posts and your argument was quite convincing until I watched the medical examiners video that you were mentioning. I don't see anything wrong with that video in the slightest, apart from whatever cowboy did the little bit of rewinding and slowing down when the guy did a nervous laugh and then the really ignorant question about 'why are the perps being checked last' or whatever it was. Obviously because they are the least important of the people that died that day. Obviously!!! Jesus lol.

To take a video of a doctor who is thrust in front of national media after probably the most harrowing day of his life and twist it up because he had a nervous laugh for a split second is kind of shambolic. I wouldn't be lining up my arguments around rubbish like that.
Personally as I said before I believe the US government is capable of absolutely anything. Just watch Oliver Stones Untold History of America. But in a case like this with such an extreme level of grief even in the public domain, unless you have something conclusive it is pretty low to be claiming conspiracy on the back of videos like that of the medical guy
You don't find it the slightest bid odd that a chief medical examiner, whose supposed DAILY JOB it is to examine dead bodies for cause of death doesn't know what CALIBER BULLETS were used in the killings?

Not only does he not know, but the slow way he repeats the question, nervously trying to buy time to think before finally deflecting it?

You don't find it even slightly odd that this guy is repeatedly laughing with weird ticks (even without the slo mo) on such a tragic and somber occasion?

Does this guy strike you as the kind of highly intelligent person that made it through 8 years of rigorous med school and climbed all the way to his position?

You say it's because he had the most harrowing day of his life, wouldn't you say these Columbine kids had it a bit more harrowing, considering they narrowly escaped death?

How many of them do you see laughing? Fudging and dodging the questions? How many do you see showing "different ways of grieving" like laughing and smirking as claimed by PheelGood?

Either way, different people find different things stick out to them more. Killz seemed a bit amused about this chap as well, but even if you find nothing odd about him, fine, what about all the other evidence though? Just because you're slightly unconvinced on this one thing, the rest ceases to exist?
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