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Again I dont see any issues with that doctor at all. My gf of four years is a hospital resident so I have had to (unfortunately) go to many social events populated by doctors, consultants and so on. They are an odd bunch of nerds and people will poor social skills as far as I can see, and a lack of confidence in that area probably because of years of anti social behaviour - ie studying and not getting out enough. My GF excluded of course!
I cant imagine what having to go through 30 dead toddlers in one day would do to a person, and you can't expect or predict what an individuals response to that kind of scenario would be.

For me the problem with many conspiracy theories, is they are full of good information and bad, and the bad info invites the ridicule and the dismissing of the theories being presented. Michael Moore is the perfect example of that, his over zealous opinions about some things cast a shadow over the other good stuff he presents.
Last night the final episode aired of Stones Untold History. Possibly the finest hour of television I have ever watched. And even such an expertly put together piece of work will get ridiculed by the 'agencies' of the government. But it will still stand up to scrutiny. The doctor video is perfectly fine in my opinion. Maybe he should know what calibre of bullet it is since he has probably seen many, but doctors don't go through ballistics training.
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