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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
Yet you turn a blind eye when the people who created all these bullshit theories in the first place are caught faking pictures, videos, and reports to fir their agenda. Lets be clear, the ACCUSATIONS against the government are SPECULATIONS. Not proof. There is proof the conspiracy theorist have lied and deceived FAR more than the government. But hey, when you can make shit up to fit your agenda, just accuse the deceivers of being part of the government in the first place. Apparently that makes sense to you.

Yes. The fact you dismiss your own sides lies as a government cover up is not even worth discussing. It proves just how closed your mind actually is.

Thanks for proving my point.

Not even close. Had you done the proper research, you would release there was far more than a tape to credit Al Qaeda with 9/11. Financial transactions, phone calls, paper trails, you name it. But of course, that must of all been faked too!

FYI here's a still frame from your video, compared to three other completely accepted pictures of Osama.

Also, let me get this straight. The United States Government, who just killed 3,000 of their own citizens in one of the biggest coverups in the history of the world, couldn't find a better "look a like" to make a video had they wanted to? I swear the common sense is just sucked out of 9/11 deniers sometimes.

Exactly. There is proof far beyond a reasonable doubt that the official story is what actually happened. There's no point in arguing these small inconsistencies when nothing else in the big picture adds up the the 9/11 deniers accusations.

Yes, he did on video. Just like with the claim that the pentagon video being released would "clear things up", the 9/11 deniers call the video fake. A crystal clear video of a plane flying into the pentagon would do nothing when your mind is so closed you refuse to believe your own eyes. You know it's a sad day when a video confession can't even be taken as proof by a 9/11 denier.

Why show it? What would that have achieved? So 9/11 deniers could claim the photo was faked? As much as I dislike Obama, I think the US handled the situation perfectly. They refused to give a burial site which would be praised by his extremist followers.

Saddam was captured alive and tried by his own people for his crimes against them. It was a completely different mission than Osama. I swear some people just regurgitate shit they read online without even using their heads. Yet they're the "open minded" ones.

Thats all 9/11 deniers have. They have no proof. They have no usable theory which even makes sense. If the US wanted a war against Afghanistan and Iraq, they could have easily justified it without 9/11... Like they did with Iraq before.

Yes, I am active in Law Enforcement. This is why I find it hilarious that the Sandy Hook first responders must have been "in on it" too. Look up the Christmas Even Knollcrest murders in Covina, Ca. I was one of the first on scene there. I guess I could have been part of a conspiracy as well.

Also, there is no us vs them. I am a huge advocate of community policing. I get along with 85% of the people I deal with... even a lot of criminals. The problem is over the years I've been trained to use my common sense and logic in situations. That common sense and logic has shaped my political opinions. If you think there's a supervisor on every call giving us orders we blindly follow, you have no idea what law enforcement really does. But hey, conspiracy theorist are much more knowledgeable than everyone about everything. Why don't you explain to me what I do so I can understand how closed minded I am?
Extremely Weak. You're saying the govt. will or should never release evidence, because some people will claim it's fake?

Great, I guess every judge should convict people without trials or showing evidence to the public, because obviously the opposing lawyer will try to discredit it. Best just to avoid trial or showing evidence and do whatever the hell they want.

This has to be your weakest point till now.

As far as your "other picture from another frame in the same video", can you please point out what time it was taken from here?:

Because I believe it's your picture that is a touched up fake, what you claim is something truthers do.
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