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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Extremely Weak. You're saying the govt. will or should never release evidence, because some people will claim it's fake?

Great, I guess every judge should convict people without trials or showing evidence to the public, because obviously the opposing lawyer will try to discredit it. Best just to avoid trial or showing evidence and do whatever the hell they want.
No. I'm saying the evidence doesn't exist. Try to keep up. Had the evidence actually existed, it would be pointless to show people like yourself because they will always claim coverup to anything that proves them wrong. Therefore you quest for more "evidence" is a moot point, because any evidence provided will not be seen as "real".

This has to be your weakest point till now.

As far as your "other picture from another frame in the same video", can you please point out what time it was taken from here?:

Because I believe it's your picture that is a photoshopped fake, what you claim is something truthers do.
Again, you lack of research on the subject deceives you. Thanks again for proving my point.

The pictures 9/11 deniers like to post are from the low quality, 4fps video which was distorted and appears to make him look fat. Once the higher resolution video was released during the Moussaoui trial it was much easier to see how he really looked.

And yes, my still frame was in your video.

Match the times.


RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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