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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
So according to you, the soldiers are lying as well?

Yes, obviously Osama's body existed. I'm saying that evidence wasn't released because they didn't want to glorify him, the same reason why they didn't give him a burial site.

You are missing my point by a long shot. Had the released HD video and photo's, people like you would claim them to be fake. So why are you even asking for them at all?
Of course? How hard is it to put some CIA operatives up as soldiers to say they killed osama and saw the body? That's pretty much their job as CIA, deception.

Why not just take one bloody picture or heaven forbid a video? Just how does a picture of his body glorify him? Thousands of his pictures already exist.

You're just gonna claim the #1 terrorist history as dead, and then not even show evidence because it "glorifies" him? The kind of people that would glorify him would glorify him with or without a picture of his body, this is completely ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Again, like the pentagon plane, I find this suspicious.

This mother-fecker was the dude who attacked your country. Was responsible for killing thousands of people. There had been so much focus on him. Videos. Audio. etc.

They owe it to the people to show this twats body. It's not for them to hide something like that for whatever reason. Sure they didn't want to glorify him in the eyes of his own people... but what about the american people? I'm sure the vast majority would have wanted to see the cocksuckers dead body. It would have given them some closure.

I really tire of all this secrecy, from organizations who are *supposed* to be there to serve the people.
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