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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I fully agree with every thing Icke says about The Illuminati and mass manipulation, every thing he says on those topics is logical, well thought out and makes a lot of sense. How ever, the stuff about Reptilians and our Lizard overlords, not so much.....That said, I'm open minded enough to listen to what some one has to say, regardless of how bizarre it may sound if they explain their opinion thoroughly. The repitilian angle is a bit too much for me, but Icke is right when he says this world we live in so crazy, yet we have convinced ourselves it's normal, it really isn't. Who knows what's really possible or what any of this life is really about.
Oh I'm open enough to listen to his opinions too. Anything really. I view the reptillian thing in the same view as all the other religions. I can't say for sure its bullshit. I just think it probably is. That being said, its really interesting hearing and reading about this stuff. I haven't heard anything in terms of evidence that supports the reptilian theory. And I have been trying. When compared to indoctrination, Illuminati etc there just seems to be no basis for his argument at all. Except maybe a few dodgy interviews with some shaman from Africa. Not exactly a quote from a President of the United States for example? If you see my post, the one before you posted the pic.

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