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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Yea, agreed. It does actually seem like Icke is trying to crate his own Reptilian religion, and he hasn't really got a single shred of evidence to support his theory. I think the closet thing that seemed to hint at some correlation between reptilians and humans was the "Reptilian Complex" he talks about:

I also do some times find myself questioning how men like Jimmy Saville are actually the same species as you and me, and other psychopaths, socio paths etc. I can't actually wrap my head around some of the acts that these people commit. Abusing and raping mentally ill children in hospital, I mean I just have no words to describe that what so ever. How are these people real?
Hmm, good point. I think maybe for years it was more difficult to share this kind of info with the masses. Now with the interent etc, tis all more out in the open. Which is quite chilling when you think about it. This kind of 'activity' has been going on since the dawn of mankind, its just people in general haven't know about it. I actually feel sick talking about it. Have to stop.

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