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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Yea, thinking about stuff like that makes me feel physically sick.

The internet really is a revolutionary tool that allows us to interact and communicate with each other from around the world and share vital information with just a few clicks of a button. The internet is such a great tool for us to communicate, but such a frightening one for the government (hence their desperate efforts to lock it down and have it under their full control - SOPA - just like how they want every thing else under their control).
Even though I agree with everything you said about the internet, let us not forget that the internet by nature is neutral and it can be used for disinfo and psych ops just as much as it can be a liberating tool. Evil deals in deceit, and the control of information is a must.

That's why "they" are trying so hard to control its content. And as far as the David Icke rep thing you and Tyson were talking about I feel like that's a loose end, almost like a fail safe he put in in order to release the more damning things that he has released. That guy is as articulate as they come when talking about bloodlines, societal/power structure and the holographic nature of the universe (although I would leave that to a scientist).

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