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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post

That is such a great Icke video. Great example of karma.
Yeah I've seen that video a few times. Watched a documentary on Channel 5 about David Icke. Very interesting. They actually didn't make him look like an idiot and allowed him to express his views without vilification. I commend Channel 5 for that. Saying he was the new son of god was taken a little out of context by Wogan though.

Sooj, so do you truly believe about the reptilian thing? If so, could you cite some sources so I can have a look for myself. With all the disinformation about I don't want to be reading no crap. The videos I've seen on Youtube are just ridiculous. They mainly show videos of live newscasts where the satelite reception has gone a bit wonky and proclaiming that the newsreaders are actually all reptilians.

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