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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Not of the foxes no. The first group I saw were playing on the main road (snow and iced over so no cars) and I'd just put my camera back in the bag after leaving the park (normally keep it out but I'd already fallen once on the pavement , didn't want to fall again and have the camera to worry about also).

Then in the woods I was getting my camera out and changing lenses/setting up the flash gun when 2 cubs ran past. They saw my dog and bolted and I didn't see them again.

May wonder back there on my own later and just wait in a spot and hope they come out, but it's the weekend and snow everywhere so kids will no doubt be making tons of noise and scaring them off.
Thats unfortunate. What time do they usually venture out? Maybe you could try again in the morning? Or travel somewhere where theres no noisy annoying children? I f*cking hate fox hunters. Been at it for years and now foxes seem so shy and reclusive. Beautiful creatures. And I bet you could take some pretty sweet pics of them. Cubs aswell? Don't think I can recall a time when I've seen cubs. Anytime I've seen a fox its usually in the distance and it does one before I can get there. The best I've seen is a group of deers, mother and 2 kids, going on a mosey round the woods behind my brothers house. The woods are tiny too so it was a surprise to see them. They didn't run off or anything, just went about their business.

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