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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Um how about no. Cung Le is a bum in comparison and wouldn't even be able to touch Anderson standing. nice troll dude.

You are smart, you don't post threads so often that people realise you are a troll, but I watch these boards very closely and your ridiculous posting has stuck out to me many times.

NoMercy, Cung Le could only ever dream of subbing Anderson.
Admins: Good lookin' out on editing the thread.

What up's training.

We shall find out tonight if The Count can do it. I have a weird feeling he might pull something out of his hat even though I bet big on Vitor already. If Vitor's conditioning is up to par and his MIND is straight for all three rounds how does he not win. He simply needs to stalk and strike keeping the pressure. I know this sounds super cliched, but I think the 19 year old Vitor Belfort could have given the LHW title holder a bit more problems. Cuz you know he would have been fearless and just went out guns blazing. Losses do really effect a fighter sadly. The only fighters to fight the same way even after getting KOed was Chuck, Wandy, and Fedor. Even Mirko slowed down a bit, know the story, etc.

One of the few fights where I don't mind losing a bet being wrong. Bisping vs Anderson...oh how nice would that be.

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