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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Sooj, so do you truly believe about the reptilian thing? If so, could you cite some sources so I can have a look for myself. With all the disinformation about I don't want to be reading no crap. The videos I've seen on Youtube are just ridiculous. They mainly show videos of live newscasts where the satelite reception has gone a bit wonky and proclaiming that the newsreaders are actually all reptilians.

If a group of people can have that little empathy. Be willing to oppress and control. All their history involving kidnapping. Murder. Torture. Sacrifice. Way I see it... people that cold have something up with them. These are not people who grew up abused and therefore become abusers. This is an institution where evilness is engrained. They are not like normal people.

Our royal family have been there all along. A constant. We've had presidents, prime ministers, dictators etc ... come and go. But the royals remain. Unquestioned. Not investigated *ever*. They own 15% of the whole fecking planet and yet nobody criticizes.

They steal money from dead people for gods sake!

All the while, we sit here and point at the sweet little old lady sitting there... harmless. Shes a sweetie. Queeny. All this endearment. Its a wonderful PR job they've managed to pull off. I say NO!! She and her mod are leeches sucking the life out of the planet. I believe they are well and truely involved in most worldwide politics. How can the worlds largest landowner by a massive margin not be?

All adds up to a bunch of people who are incomprehensibly evil. So evil that I find myself beliving that you need different DNA to be wired up so cold. As such, lizard DNA sounds like a perfect fit!
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