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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Yeah I've seen that video a few times. Watched a documentary on Channel 5 about David Icke. Very interesting. They actually didn't make him look like an idiot and allowed him to express his views without vilification. I commend Channel 5 for that. Saying he was the new son of god was taken a little out of context by Wogan though.

Sooj, so do you truly believe about the reptilian thing? If so, could you cite some sources so I can have a look for myself. With all the disinformation about I don't want to be reading no crap. The videos I've seen on Youtube are just ridiculous. They mainly show videos of live newscasts where the satelite reception has gone a bit wonky and proclaiming that the newsreaders are actually all reptilians.
Yeah pretty much this, I also think Icke goes completely off the track with the whole reptilian thing.

He makes decent cases for the illuminati and manipulation of power from behind the scenes, but that is not stuff that he came up with ... he's just working off of information from more reliable guys like Aaron Russo etc. before him.

IMO he just dilutes it with the whole reptilian angle, and that again makes the entire movement look like loonies. Like you guys, I'm also on the whole "never say never" thing, but unlike all this other stuff that has so much evidence and shady stuff behind it, he has no real basis for it. Like you said, a broadcasting color glitch now and then does not make people aliens. I've seen similar things in home DVDs and unless my family is aliens (ZOMG!), that seems pretty flimsy.

I think Sooj might be being a bit tongue in cheek with his support for that one, though I could be wrong. Although I suspect the royal family is a bunch of knobs tied in at the very top of all this as well.

I also think Icke's spiritual take on things is a bit off and misleading, though I agree with some of it. But again the spiritual realm of things is based more on speculation, life experiences, conscience and faith than hard proof anyway so this is just personal preference.

Anyway, true or not, the reptilian stuff makes for some great sci fi .. you guys ever seen "They Live" back in the day?

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