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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
This is the first time I've seen foxes in the area in 7 months or so Used to literally see them every few days 7-10 years ago but a lot of the woodland has been cut back and bought so they've all died and lost their homes.

However, 7 months ago I saw ONE fox in the exact same place I saw the 3 playing today. So I think he's found a mate and the cubs in the woods are theirs. I really hope so because I adore foxes as well, such beautiful creatures. Fox hunting is ******* disgusting, I hate those vile toff wankers.

So proud of my boy as well, he was offlead and has SUCH a huge prey drive (not aggression, just chase instinct being a Sighthound) but he stayed and watched the cubs as they bolted. I doubt he'd hurt them when he caught them but I'd hate for them to get so scared they kept running and didn't get back to their parents.

Man I'd love to see deer in the wild, that must of been so awesome
Yeah it was pretty sweet. Seen deer quite a few times around here. Theres a lot of woods in and around Lincoln so if you're lucky you might get a sighting. The most deer I saw was in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. Bloody loads of them. The best are the stags. Huge creatures with massive horns. It was snowing when I went to Sherwood Forrest to which only added to the beauty.

Oh, and to any newbies reading this. Yes we are all actually mma loving alpha males, we just admire the beauty of animals too.

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